We are seeing an uptick in Pertussis cases.  Pertussis is commonly known as ‘whooping cough.’  It is a highly contagious infection.  Pertussis begins with cold-like symptoms and a cough that becomes much worse over 1-2 weeks.  Symptoms usually include a long-series of coughs followed by a whooping noise, although not everyone will experience this.  There is generally no fever with pertussis.  Additional symptoms may occur with the coughing, or you may just experience a cough that doesn’t go away. 

Anyone can get pertussis, but the disease is most serious in un-immunized infants and pre-schoolers.  If you have young children at home between the ages of 2 months thru 6 years, make sure they are up to date on their DTaP immunizations.  Children 11 and older should receive the new tetanus booster that also boosts for Pertussis (Tdap) if they have not already received it.  This is a one-time booster so no further doses can be given.

If you or someone in your family experiences any of these symptoms please contact your doctor.  For more information about Pertussis, click here.


Drinking too much alcohol increases people’s risk of injuries, violence, drowning, liver disease, and some types of cancer. This April, during Alcohol Awareness Month, Polk County Health Department encourages you to educate yourself and your loved ones about the dangers of drinking too much.

If you are drinking too much, you can improve your health by cutting back or quitting. Here are some strategies to help you cut back or stop drinking:

  • Limit your drinking to no more than 1 drink a day for women or 2 drinks a day for men.
  • Keep track of how much you drink.
  • Choose a day each week when you will not drink.
  • Don’t drink when you are upset.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you keep at home.
  • Avoid places where people drink a lot.
  • Make a list of reasons not to drink.

To learn more use the link below.



With the STD Awareness Month theme of Treat Me Right, we’re encouraging you to ask your healthcare provider what you can do – and how you can work together – to ensure you stay healthy.

Look for A Doctor Who:

  • Treats you with respect
  • Listens to your opinions and concerns
  • Encourages you to ask questions
  • Explains things in ways you understand
  • Recommends preventive services, like screening tests and shots
  • Treats many health problems including STDs
  • Refers you to a specialist when you need more help with a specific health issue

To learn more use the link below. 


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