Jail Health

Inmates incarcerated longer than 2 weeks will have a health history and TB skin completed by nursing staff.  In addition, inmates receive nursing care based on need.  Sick call is conducted a minimum of twice per week.  Sick call can be accessed by inmates completion of a Sick Call Request form, available in each cell block.  Inmates can be seen for any medical, dental or mental health complaint.

What you are able to bring to jail when serving a Judgement of Conviction

  • Eyeglasses/contact lenses
  • Dentures
  • Prescription medications in original pharmacy container
  • Medically necessary assistive devices (hearing aids, C-PAP machine, etc) should be brought to the jail where it will be decided if it is allowable.

Things NOT to bring

  • Over the counter medication
  • Unlabeled medication
  • Any controlled substances


Visitors may bring in acceptable property for the inmate. Acceptable property is:

  • Prescription Glasses
  • Prescription Medication
  • Dentures
  • One soft cover bible or other religious text
  • Personal clothing appropriate for court appearances ( by court order only)
  • Approved medical devices (heart monitors, braces, etc). Written documentation outlining the need is required.
  • New undergarments in unopened packages

If you have any questions call 715-485-8379

*************************For Jail Nurses*********************************

Clinical Assessment Guidelines for Jail Nurses

These guidelines, prepared for Jail Nurses, are designed to be a living document, written from a practical approach. Purposes of this document are to assure that health care for the incarcerated population is equivalent to community standards of practice and is in alignment with the American Nurses Association's Nursing Code of Ethics (2007).


These Clinical Assessment Guidelines are appropriate to the registered nurse's level of skill and preparation who implement them in compliance with his/her relevant state practice act. Similar to the National Commission of Correctional Health Care's (NCCHC) Nursing Assessment Protocols, these guidelines outline steps for evaluating an inmate's health status and provide suggestions for interventions.


As a living document, these guidelines may be tailored to meet individual facility or agency policies which are approved by the Medical Authority/Physician. Clinical Assessment Guidelines for Jail Nurses provide a framework for nursing action, and they are negotiable and modifiable when necessary.


The underlying goal in using this Clinical Assessment Guideline document is to assure that appropriate healthcare is provided to jail inmates.

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