Best Rakes: Top 4 Yard-Cleaners As Recommended By Expert Websites

The change of seasons will be upon us again before we know it, but for now the fall foliage has left its home in the trees above, leaving you with the aftermath. While leaves piling up outside your own may be more of an annoyance than a charm, finding the best rake is a simple and fuss-free way to tidy up your yard just in time for the winter chill.

Raking may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re opting for a workout, but you may be surprised. “Raking leaves is considered moderate physical activity, similar to a brisk walk,” Barbara Ainsworth, an exercise epidemiologist at San Diego State University, tells The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). “It helps build upper-body strength, as well as core strength, or strength in your back and stomach. As you’re raking, your core (or trunk) is working to stabilize your body while your arms are moving. A 135-pound person could burn about 240 calories raking leaves for an hour.”

Getting outdoors and tending to your yard can also bring you a lot of peace of mind. It’s a great excuse to get outside, surround yourself in nature, and bask in that sense of accomplishment once your work is done. In fact, studies show that doing yard work can actually help brain health. A recent study by Canadian scientists shows that chores like raking leaves provide an aerobic-like benefit that can help ward off cognitive decline. Similarly, a 2018 survey concludes that people who enjoy cleaning up around the house are happier!

While more expensive equipment like leaf blowers may be a great option for leaf clean-up as well, rakes are the ultimate no-frill, hassle-free way to get started. As simple as the act of raking is– there’s no doubt you’re going to want a sturdy and efficient tool to help you along the way. That’s why StudyFinds visited 10 of the leading expert websites to see which rakes were rated the highest. Our list is ranked based on the most-recommended rakes across these sites.

The List: Best Rake For Those Fall Leaves, According To Experts

1. Bully Tools 30-inch Lawn

The Bully Tools 30-inch Lawn Rake (along with other size variations) ranked as one of the overall top rakes from several expert websites.

“If you’re looking for a professional-grade, jumbo rake that’s lightweight, check out the Bully Tools 30-inch Leaf Rake, available from Amazon,” Gardeners Path writes. “The wide polypropylene head is curved to allow for even pressure across all the tines, which have angled teeth to make short work of leaves and cut grass. Cleaning it is a breeze. It seldom gets clogged up and a quick spray with the hose will have it looking good as new.”

The rake is 72 inches tall and weighs three pounds.

“Wooden handles are durable, and a popular choice, but they’re susceptible to rot and water damage. A fiberglass handle won’t degrade like wood will, so you won’t need to worry about keeping it away from wet working conditions. Fiberglass is also stronger than wood, resulting in a long tool lifespan,” Lawn Starter writes.

2. Gardenite 63” Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Storing a sizable garden rake can be a main setback of purchasing, but the Gardenite’s Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake seems to have tackled this problem.

“By simply pulling a latch, this rake’s tines retract and really help you to save on space, especially when it’s accompanied by a hole at the top of the plastic hand grip so that it can be hung on a hook,” Reviewed writes.

Yard workers also love this tool for its lightweight nature and sturdy, rust-resistant handle.

“Gardenite’s rake is a popular lightweight and easy-to-use tool that takes the cake in terms of versatility. Designed to reach smaller areas that are difficult for conventional rakes to access, the 15 flat tine head expands from 7 inches up to 22 inches. The adjustable head is a major benefit, though it can be difficult to actually adjust,” Insider writes.

3. Orientools Garden Rake

The Orientools Garden Rake is a top choice with an adjustable handle, lightweight design, and several color options to choose from. 

“Shopping on a budget? Consider the ORIENTOOLS Steel Leaf Rake. This telescopic rake is the most affordable tool on our list of best leaf rakes. It’s equipped with steel tines and a steel handle, is lightweight, and has a comfortable grip handle, making it a great help in the lawn or garden,” Lawn Starter writes.

The rake is also highly rated for its easy use and ability to remove trapped debris after raking.

“The Orientools Garden Rake was a solid number that measured 60 inches, so it’s an average length that will work with a lot of heights. It also comes with an adjustable handle, which is a useful feature for anyone who wants to cover more ground. This rake is lightweight and compact, made of steel and plastic,” Reviewed writes.

4. Ames Thatch Rake

With a self-cleaning head and dethatching tines, the Ames Thatch Rake is a great product to add to your garden toolbox.

“The Ames rake features a head with two types of tines. The straight-edged tines loosen and remove the dead thatch layer with ease. Flip the head over, and the flare-edged tines can be used to scratch or scarify the soil to prepare it for reseeding, if needed. The head and tines are made of steel, so they are strong enough to pull through the most tangled mat of thatch,” The Spruce writes.

The item also features curved tines designed to clear dead grass clippings and a hardwood handle for strength and durability.

“Many gardeners want to avoid aching muscles and delayed work, which is why they shop for lightweight tools. If a lightweight rake is a priority for you, then add the AMES Rake to your wish list,” Lawn Starter writes. 


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