Hospitals in peril? Only 1 in 3 nurses plan to stay on job after 2025

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BOCA RATON, Fla. — Nurses haven’t received the respect they deserve for decades. They work exceedingly long hours, juggle numerous responsibilities on a day-to-day basis, and are routinely tasked with administering delicate medications and treatments — all while getting a fraction of the pay doctors receive. The COVID-19 pandemic greatly exasperated these issues, as the virus …

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Older bosses need to get with the times: Workplace expert calls yelling at staff ‘abusive’

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OTTAWA, Ontario — Workplace expert Nina Nesdoly is emphasizing the importance of bosses fostering healthy relationships with their often-younger employees to avoid a “toxic workplace.” She warns that yelling at staff is “abusive” and can create tension and anxiety in the office. According to the 29-year-old, one of the contributing factors to workplace conflicts is the …

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Does drinking with co-workers really lead to more financial success?

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TOKYO — Is sharing after-work drinks with co-workers key to climbing the corporate ladder? Not necessarily, according to researchers from the University of Tokyo, who focused on the drinking habits and economic success of working men in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Study authors report those who can drink more do not appear to be in …

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4-day work weeks provide the health benefits of a mini vacation

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ADELAIDE, Australia — Who doesn’t like a three-day weekend? As the concept of a four-day work week gains popularity in countries across the globe, a new study finds that the extra day off really does do wonders for your health! Researchers in Australia have found that people are more active and live a healthier lifestyle when …

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How you type and move a mouse may reveal how stressed you feel


ZÜRICH, Switzerland — Are work deadlines stressing you out? A new study finds it doesn’t take a therapist to see if office pressures are causing workers stress — all you have to do is look at how they use a keyboard! Researchers from ETH Zurich have developed a model which can detect workplace stress just …

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