Taking antibiotics triples the risk of childhood IBD, study warns

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CHICAGO — Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a very prevalent gastrointestinal condition that usually results in chronic abdominal pain or discomfort. For children, a new study reveals that they are more vulnerable to this condition if they take antibiotics or consume a typical Western diet starting at a young age. While wealth often equates to …

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Pandemic is over — but most kids are still on their couch too much

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BRISTOL, United Kingdom — Although the World Health Organization says COVID-19 is no longer a global emergency, there’s another pandemic issue still causing problems — inactive kids. A new study finds the majority of children continue to spend too much time on the couch despite activity rates returning to pre-pandemic levels. Researchers at the University of …

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Obesity in children rising dramatically, and comes with major – and sometimes lifelong – health problems

Childhood obesity

In the past two decades, children have become more obese and have developed obesity at a younger age. A 2020 report found that 14.7 million children and adolescents in the U.S. live with obesity. Because obesity is a known risk factor for serious health problems, its rapid increase during the COVID-19 pandemic raised alarms. Without intervention, many …

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‘Kidfluencer’ culture is harming kids in several ways. So why isn’t there meaningful regulation of it?

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Parents share content of their children for myriad reasons, including to connect with friends and family, and to seek validation or support. However, some parents also do this for commercial gain. They manage their children as social media “kidfluencers” – allowing them to work with brands to market products to other children (and adults). The Australian …

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