Best Guacamole Recipes: Top 5 Authentic Mexican Dips According To Experts

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Guacamole is a tasty dip that has become nearly ubiquitous on American, Tex-Mex, and Southwestern menus. However, this famous food has undeniable roots and history in Mexican, South American, and Central American Cuisine. With the perception that avocados are a healthy and delicious base for this famous dip, it is no wonder that its popularity …

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Best Blenders: Top 5 Mixers Most Recommended By Experts

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Overall, owning one of the best blenders can be a great addition to your kitchen and can make cooking and preparing meals much easier and more efficient. They can aid in incorporating healthy fruits and veggies into your diet in delicious smoothies or in creamy soups and sauces. They can also save you a lot …

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Here’s why green tea may be your secret weapon against harmful sun exposure

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LONDON — Celebrity skincare expert Scott McGlynn suggests that preparing your skin for sun exposure begins with drinking green tea. The 35-year-old claims that it can help prevent sunburn, citing a study which highlights the drink’s abundant source of plant polyphenols that protect the skin. The 2012 report, “Protective Mechanisms of Green Tea Polyphenols in …

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Best Dairy-Free Cheese: Top 5 Brands Most Recommended By Experts

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It is becoming increasingly popular to adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet, whether because of a food intolerance or to live a healthier lifestyle. A balanced vegan diet consists of nuts, beans, lentils, peas, and veggies. But who doesn’t love cheese, or at least the taste of cheese? Not every vegan cheese is tasty, and …

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