Taking antibiotics triples the risk of childhood IBD, study warns

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CHICAGO — Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a very prevalent gastrointestinal condition that usually results in chronic abdominal pain or discomfort. For children, a new study reveals that they are more vulnerable to this condition if they take antibiotics or consume a typical Western diet starting at a young age. While wealth often equates to …

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Hospitals in peril? Only 1 in 3 nurses plan to stay on job after 2025

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BOCA RATON, Fla. — Nurses haven’t received the respect they deserve for decades. They work exceedingly long hours, juggle numerous responsibilities on a day-to-day basis, and are routinely tasked with administering delicate medications and treatments — all while getting a fraction of the pay doctors receive. The COVID-19 pandemic greatly exasperated these issues, as the virus …

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State-of-the-art capsule gives scientists an inside look at the gut

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DAVIS, Calif. — Scientists understandably want to learn as much as possible about the gut, given how crucial the system is for human health. With that in mind, a new ingestible capsule is allowing scientists to gather data as it travels through the gut, collecting digestion and microorganism samples in healthy people. “The small intestine …

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Here’s why snoring could be devastating for your brain health

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MINNEAPOLIS — A recent study suggests that individuals who snore and don’t experience the deep sleep might face a decline in their brain health. Those with sleep apnea, a condition that leads to loud snoring and obstructed breathing, have a higher chance of exhibiting signs of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, or overall cognitive decline. Researchers working …

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Groundbreaking breathalyzer powered by AI could diagnose cancer before it’s too late


BOULDER, Colo. — Can your breath reveal the presence of disease before it’s too late to act? Scientists from CU Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a groundbreaking laser-based breathalyzer, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), that has the potential to revolutionize medical diagnostics. Initially designed to detect COVID-19, the breathalyzer’s …

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Map comparing DNA of 240 mammal species could revolutionize medicine


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Scientists have revealed a comprehensive map comparing the DNA of 240 mammalian species, a breakthrough that could revolutionize medicine. The genomes, which represent complete sets of genetic information, highlight crucial elements of human DNA that have remained consistent throughout millions of years of evolution. The Zoonomia Project, one of the most ambitious …

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Taking melatonin supplements for sleep may aggravate intestinal inflammation

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SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the human body in response to darkness that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycles. In other words, melatonin tips off our brains that it’s bedtime. Of course, sleep is often incredibly elusive, and many people boost their natural melatonin levels with over-the-counter supplements. However, new …

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