Best Mexican Beers: Top 5 Cervezas Most Recommended By Experts

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Who doesn’t love a delicious Mexican beer? Cervezas from south of the border are wildly popular in the United States, often a go-to on sunny days or with good food, and you can find Mexican beers for every taste, from cans to bottles and hand-crafted IPAs to flavorful European-style brews. With so many options, you …

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Does drinking with co-workers really lead to more financial success?

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TOKYO — Is sharing after-work drinks with co-workers key to climbing the corporate ladder? Not necessarily, according to researchers from the University of Tokyo, who focused on the drinking habits and economic success of working men in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Study authors report those who can drink more do not appear to be in …

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‘BeerBots’ show they can speed up the brewing process


WASHINGTON — As brewers look for new and inventive flavors for their beers, a new robotic breakthrough could also speed up the process that gets beer onto store shelves. Researchers in the Czech Republic have created “BeerBots,” which are capable of actually speeding up the fermentation process that produces beer. In what takes brewers up …

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Best Hard Seltzers: Top 5 Fizzy Drinks Most Recommended By Experts

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Summer brings to mind images of colorful poolside cocktails, fruity drinks, and a refreshing can of the best hard seltzer. The last couple of years has seen the rise of hard seltzers among the most popular drinks of choice when it comes to socializing, and even when summer fades these bubbly beverages are here to …

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Best Craft Beers: Top 5 Brews Most Recommended By Experts

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When you’ve had a long day and you’re looking for more flavor than the “big brand” beers can offer, it pays to know what the best craft beers are. The craft beer craze really started to take hold in America several years ago. Since its explosion onto the beer scene, finding the best craft beer …

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Best Gin For 2023: Top 5 Bottles Most Recommended By Expert Websites


Both lively and aromatic, gin is a distilled liquor that derives its flavor from juniper berries. Unlike many other spirits, there are no limitations to where gin is produced – making it an endlessly versatile and unique liquor to add to your bartending repertoire. Ranging from herbal, spicy, floral and fruity, finding the best gin …

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