Don’t believe your eyes: Human visual system ‘tricks’ the mind

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YORK, United Kingdom — People often say the mind can play tricks on us, but fascinating new findings by a team at the University of York suggests it’s actually the eyes that deceive the brain. Scientists have shown that the human visual system is indeed of capable of “tricking” the brain into making inaccurate assumptions …

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Here’s why snoring could be devastating for your brain health

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MINNEAPOLIS — A recent study suggests that individuals who snore and don’t experience the deep sleep might face a decline in their brain health. Those with sleep apnea, a condition that leads to loud snoring and obstructed breathing, have a higher chance of exhibiting signs of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, or overall cognitive decline. Researchers working …

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New FDA-approved drug may revolutionize Alzheimer’s treatment

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BOSTON — Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has long-standing connection to the abnormal buildup of amyloid beta proteins in the brain. Now, groundbreaking new research is describing the structure of a special type of amyloid beta plaque protein linked with Alzheimer’s disease progression for the first time ever. Study authors have confirmed that small aggregates of the …

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Pay attention, grandpa! Older adults more easily distracted than kids, it turns out


RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Younger generations often get a reputation for having shrinking attention spans, but new research suggests its actually older adults who are more easily distracted. Scientists at the University of California-Riverside report that while engaging in a particularly high-effort physical task, such as driving a car or carrying groceries, older adults are more likely …

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A minty cure? Smelling menthol reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

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PAMPLONA, Spain — Could the right odor hold the secret to curing Alzheimer’s disease? Researchers in Spain have discovered that inhaling menthol — an organic compound created using various types of mints — regulates the immune system and improves the cognitive function of animals suffering from the neurodegenerative disease. Scientists at Cima Universidad de Navarra believe …

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Playing a musical instrument may be the secret to a youthful brain


BEIJING, China — Learning to play a musical instrument could be a key factor in maintaining a youthful brain, according to a recent study. Scientists assert that musical proficiency can enhance our listening abilities as we age. The research, which analyzed the brains of both musicians and non-musicians of varying ages through neuroimaging studies, concluded …

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Are lab-grown brains legally people? The law may be on their side

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HIROSHIMA, Japan — Scientists doing brain research could soon have an ethical and legal dilemma on their hands. A new study is looking at the question of whether a brain organoid fits the legal definition of a person. These tiny, lab-grown portions of brain tissue are currently helping researchers study human development and search for …

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Deep sleep can protect older adults from Alzheimer’s-related memory loss


BERKELEY, Calif. — There isn’t much that a good night’s sleep can’t do. Now, a new study is reinforcing the importance of getting good quality sleep as we age. Researchers from the University of California-Berkeley find that deep sleep can protect older adults from Alzheimer’s-related memory loss. “With a certain level of brain pathology, you’re …

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Baby successfully undergoes brain surgery — while still inside the womb!

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DALLAS — Doctors have successfully completed a groundbreaking brain surgery on a baby in-utero, the first-ever procedure of its kind. The unprecedented surgery fixed potentially deadly damage to blood vessels, saving the infant from suffering heart failure and stroke after birth. The rare prenatal condition is known as Vein of Galen malformation (VOGM), which occurs …

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