Why are some children shy? Reacting to social stress may be the answer

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HAMILTON, Ontario — Shyness can manifest differently from person to person. For some, it might mean an emotion that pops up during certain social situations (state shyness). For others, it might be a trait becomes part of their personality (temperamental shyness). Researchers already know that shyness can show itself on different levels, but they aren’t …

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Kindness all around us: People help each other every 2 minutes!

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LOS ANGELES — The world can feel like a cold place at times, but new findings reveal that a small act of kindness occurs about every two minutes. More specifically, researchers at UCLA, in collaboration with an international team of scientists, found that people all over the world signal others for assistance every couple of minutes …

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Majority of people say climate change feels ‘close’ to them

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GRONINGEN, Netherlands — The majority of people feel climate change is “psychologically close” to them, a new study reveals. Researchers in the Netherlands note that both independent groups and government agencies often operate under the assumption that people see climate change as a problem affecting distant regions far in the future and don’t have the …

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Generous minds: Scientists map the psyche of good Samaritans

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WASHINGTON — Stories of extreme altruism or heroism, such as donating an organ to a stranger or running into a burning building to help others escape safely, serve to inspire others. Still, many can’t help but wonder exactly what motivates certain people to throw caution to the wind during these situations. Now, researchers at Georgetown University …

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