Installing solar panels? Here’s when you can expect your investment to pay off


GUILDFORD, United Kingdom — As the push away from environmentally harmful fossil fuels continues, more and more households are choosing to install solar panels. Homeowners aren’t just doing this to save the planet, but also to hopefully save themselves some money in energy costs. Now, researchers from the University of Surrey report that many households could …

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Here’s why good weather could mean bad news for your 401k

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PORTSMOUTH, United Kingdom — Summer is on the way and while sunny days are great for plenty of things, a new study explains why it could mean trouble for your financial investments. Researchers from the University of Portsmouth have found that good weather and lots of sunshine can actually lead to investors making sloppy decisions …

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Nice guys finish last? Altruistic companies can ‘guilt-trip’ employees into taking less money

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AUSTIN, Texas — The ethics, conduct, and business practices of potential employers have never been more important to the average job seeker. Many people say they don’t want to work for “evil” corporations, and many professionals nowadays actively seek out roles that align with their personal beliefs. However, interesting new research suggests that when many job …

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Best Credit Cards: Top 5 Accounts Most Recommended By Experts

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Have you ever wished that shopping was anything other than a chore? With credit cards, making your usual purchases can help you earn points to redeem for cash, travel, or other rewards. It’s an easy way to make your money work with you, rather than against you. Responsible credit card use can build your credit …

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