Customizable political news content a danger to democracy, study claims

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BUFFALO — It’s no secret that political news junkies typically frequent the websites that tend to support the party they associate with, and customize their social media feeds so that the headlines they see come from such outlets. Yet a recent study claims that sites that allow you to pick-and-choose the content you read based on …

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Yelp help: Careless typos lower credibility of online reviews, study finds

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INDIANAPOLIS — Always proofread for typos, even on Yelp or Amazon. That’s because when it comes to online reviews, careless errors lower a consumer’s credibility, a new study finds. Researchers at Indiana University recruited nearly 300 internet consumers to look at product or service reviews containing either typographical errors (e.g., typing “wsa” instead of “was”), spelling …

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Study: Overuse of sunscreen adding to global vitamin D deficiency issue

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CHICAGO — Many of us slather on the sunblock before heading out each day to prevent the growth of skin cancers, but a recent study finds that sunscreen use is also causing an alarming surge in cases of vitamin D deficiency worldwide. Almost 1 billion people worldwide are impacted by vitamin D deficiency — that’s roughly …

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Study finds military service strengthens mental health in transgender people

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SEATTLE — Does military service improve the longterm well-being of transgender individuals? A recent study showed that among older transgender adults, those who were veterans showed greater mental stability than those who had no military experience. Researchers at the University of Washington turned to a longitudinal study of LGBT older adults, “Aging with Pride: National Health, …

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Disabled Americans much more likely to be arrested, study finds

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ITHACA, N. Y. — Disabled individuals are much more likely to have been arrested by the time they hit their 30s, a new study finds. Researchers at Cornell University looked at data from a national survey of Americans born in the early 1980s, finding that those who had a diagnosed physical, emotional, cognitive, or sensory …

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