Tired of seeing misinformation online? Here’s one strategy to stop it

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PHILADELPHIA — If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve come across a post that is full of misinformation. Whether it’s about politics, vaccines, or another issue, you might feel the temptation to argue with the poster and show them the errors of their ways. However, new research shows that debunking the misinformation might not …

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‘Kidfluencer’ culture is harming kids in several ways. So why isn’t there meaningful regulation of it?

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Parents share content of their children for myriad reasons, including to connect with friends and family, and to seek validation or support. However, some parents also do this for commercial gain. They manage their children as social media “kidfluencers” – allowing them to work with brands to market products to other children (and adults). The Australian …

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How Twitter played key role in collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

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Prior to Silicon Valley Bank’s March 10, 2023, collapse, conversations on Twitter among investors about the bank spiked – helping fuel the SVB bank run. As we explain in our new working paper, “Social media as a bank run catalyst,” those tweets also destabilized other financial institutions with weak balance sheets. The number of tweets …

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