At-home yoga eases anxiety, improves memory among stressed out workers

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URBANA, Ill. — You may have heard that mindfulness has a host of benefits, namely helping to promote relaxation when things get overwhelming. Now, yoga has been shown to help with this as well, reducing stress and anxiety among working adults. Thanks to the results of a virtual, eight-week, moderate-intensity program led by University of …

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Just 15 minutes of solitude can do wonders for your mood and your mind

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Spending time alone can induce fear in a lot of people, which is understandable. At the same time, the difference between moments of solitude and loneliness is often misunderstood. As a psychologist, I study solitude – the time we spend alone, not interacting with other people. I started this research more than ten years ago and, …

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Your body ages faster when you have mental health problems

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LONDON — People living with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder age faster than their peers, a new study reveals. Blood samples of people with mental illness show that their bodies are biologically older than their actual age. The findings could help explain why people with mental health problems tend to …

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Sniffing stinky armpits can relieve social anxiety, study explains

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PARIS, France — Sniffing sweaty armpits may hold the key to relieving social anxiety, according to new research. Everyday activities such as meeting strangers, speaking on the phone, or even going to work can trigger the mental health issue. Now, scientists have found that odors from other people’s sweat can help treat the condition. The …

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A simple blood test reveals if you’re dealing with anxiety

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INDIANAPOLIS — Anxiety is a feeling that’s hard to describe, let alone objectively measure. In many cases, anxious feelings creep up on people before they have a chance to recognize what’s happening. Now, however, scientists at Indiana University have successfully developed a blood test capable of measuring anxiety. The test analyzes biomarkers that can objectively determine …

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