‘BeerBots’ show they can speed up the brewing process


WASHINGTON — As brewers look for new and inventive flavors for their beers, a new robotic breakthrough could also speed up the process that gets beer onto store shelves. Researchers in the Czech Republic have created “BeerBots,” which are capable of actually speeding up the fermentation process that produces beer. In what takes brewers up …

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Best Sour Beer Of 2023: Top 5 Wild Brews Most Recommended By Experts

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Sour beer has been growing in popularity. So much so that sales are soaring in breweries across the country, outpacing other types of craft beer, such as pilsners, stouts and lagers. In fact, for most breweries, sales of sour beers come second only to IPAs! As an example of the spiking sales, just 45,000 cases of …

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Cheers! Scientists develop gene-edited barley to produce better beer

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OKAYAMA, Japan — Can science help make a better beer? Researchers in Japan believe they’ve found a way to make one of the beverage’s key ingredients more resistant to the impact of poor weather and climate change. Using genetic manipulation, a team from Okayama University, have created the “perfect” barley which won’t sprout before the harvest …

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Scientists discover earliest evidence of beer after mortars unearthed in cave

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HAIFA, Israel — Archaeologists have discovered what’s believed to be proof of the oldest beer brewing operation known to man — perhaps by as many as 5,000 years from the earliest known evidence. Researchers from Stanford University and the University of Haifa in Israel analyzed three stone mortars, approximately 13,000 years old, pulled from an …

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