Majority of people say climate change feels ‘close’ to them

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GRONINGEN, Netherlands — The majority of people feel climate change is “psychologically close” to them, a new study reveals. Researchers in the Netherlands note that both independent groups and government agencies often operate under the assumption that people see climate change as a problem affecting distant regions far in the future and don’t have the …

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‘Flash droughts’ becoming the new normal, climate study warns

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SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom — Concerning new research finds that flash droughts have become more common in recent years due to climate change. Even worse, this trend is only expected to intensify as our planet continues to warm. The opposite of a flash flood, a “flash drought” refers to either the rapid onset or intensification of a …

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‘Flesh-eating’ bacteria spreading across East Coast could explode from climate change

Vibrio Vulnificus flesh eating bacteria

NORWICH, United Kingdom — Concerning new research from the University of East Anglia reports that the continual warming of Earth’s climate may result in the proliferation of potentially fatal infections caused by bacteria found all along the East Coast of the United States. The “flesh-eating” bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus is known to grow in warm, shallow coastal waters …

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