Crypto crime hit record-highs in 2022 — people could lose billions in 2023

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BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — Cryptocurrency may be the hot commodity for investors in recent years, but a new study finds millions of dollars are going missing every single day thanks to crypto-related crime. Researchers say crypto crime hit an all-time high last year, with investors in digital currencies losing roughly $12 billion in 2022 alone. Unfortunately, …

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True crime fans feel better equipped for real-life situations, but are more suspicious of others

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AARHUS, Denmark — Watching true crime shows may help prepare you if you find yourself in a similar situation, according to an expert on morbid curiosity. Coltan Scrivner, a research scientist at Recreational Fear Lab, feels there’s an almost primal reason people are endlessly fascinated by true crime content.  According to Scrivner, morbid curiosity about …

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Beta-blockers may be the right prescription to stop violent crime

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OXFORD, United Kingdom — Rising crime rates are a major concern in cities across the United States, but scientists may have the right medicine for the problem. A new study finds beta-blockers have the ability to make people calmer and less prone to violence. Researchers say people using beta blockers display lower rates of violent …

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