Carbon monoxide poisoning ‘cure’ could clear deadly gas from blood

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SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Carbon monoxide is notoriously dubbed the “silent killer.” Per the CDC, carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning accounts for roughly 400 deaths and 20,000 emergency room visits annually. Now, research from the University of California Santa Cruz reports there may soon be a new way to quickly remove CO from the blood post-exposure. …

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Cure for cancer and dementia may be in DNA of naked mole rats

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BRADFORD, United Kingdom — A cure for both cancer and dementia may be hiding inside an animal most people never see in the light of day. Researchers at the University of Bradford say the naked mole rat is a marvel of the biological world. They believe its DNA could contain the secrets to developing an immunity …

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Super veggie: Red onions kill cancer cells, study finds

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GUELPH, Ontario — New research from the University of Guelph in Ontario has found that compounds in red onions help kill cancer cells. The study, which examined how efficiently five different types of Ontario-grown onions fight cancer cells, found that Ruby Ring onions were the most effective. A new study finds that a compound found in …

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