Installing solar panels? Here’s when you can expect your investment to pay off


GUILDFORD, United Kingdom — As the push away from environmentally harmful fossil fuels continues, more and more households are choosing to install solar panels. Homeowners aren’t just doing this to save the planet, but also to hopefully save themselves some money in energy costs. Now, researchers from the University of Surrey report that many households could …

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Electricity could help wounds heal 3 times faster, study reveals

wound healing

GOTHENBURG, Sweden — For sedentary elderly and diabetic patients, chronic wounds are a persistent health threat. However, researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and the University of Freiburg in Germany have now developed a way to make the healing process three times faster — using electricity! “Chronic wounds are a huge societal problem …

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Scientists redirect lightning strikes using a weather-controlling super laser

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PARIS, France — Scientists in France have created a way to divert lightning strikes using a weather-controlling super laser. Researchers with the Polytechnic Institute of Paris guided the strikes from thunderclouds to places where they don’t cause damage. The team says the new technique could save power stations, airports, launchpads, and other buildings from disaster. …

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Insects can produce as much atmospheric electricity as a thunderstorm

bees and electricity e1666624744946

BRISTOL, United Kingdom — They may be small, but a “shocking” new study finds insects can produce as much atmospheric electricity as a thunderstorm. Researchers from the University of Bristol say the electricity shapes weather events, helps insects find food, and even lifts spiders up in the air to migrate over large distances. Scientists add …

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Disposable paper batteries activate in shocking fashion — by adding water

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DÜBENDORF, Switzerland — A new “just-add-water” disposable paper battery could power small-scale electronics such as smart labels for tracking parcels and medical diagnostic devices. Since the new invention is made of paper and contains zinc, both of which are biodegradable, scientists say it could help reduce the environmental impact of battery waste. Devised by Dr. …

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Smart thermostats could actually be damaging local power grids

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ITHACA, N.Y. — Smart thermostat users probably love the savings they see in their monthly energy bills, but a new study finds many people may be falling into a “trap” that’s actually straining their local power grid. Researchers from Cornell University say letting the thermostat make all of the decisions when it comes to managing electricity …

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Electricity as a cancer treatment? New device may help zap away brain tumors

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CINCINNATI, Ohio – A new study is bringing hope to the millions of people living with brain cancer. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati found that manipulating the electricity cells use could help to treat a deadly brain tumor known as glioblastomas. Human cells use electricity to line up materials called mitotic spindles to prepare …

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