Best European Cruises: Top 5 Vacations At Sea, According To Experts

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The activities and amenities featured on today’s cruise ships are spectacular. They feature world-class amusement parks, water slides, and athletic facilities to keep you happy on the deck. Even better, ships traveling through Europe provide an amazing opportunity to see multiple spots on your bucket list without all the hassle of lanes, trains, and automobiles. …

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Best Places To Live In Italy: Top 5 Cities Most Recommended By Travel Experts


Italy is a paradise of beautiful attractions that mark romanticism and affection. This lovely place is an enormous travel hub for people across the globe. There are so many reasons travelers head to the country — the vibrant culture, ancient architecture, stunning landscapes, rich history, and of course, mouth-watering food. Pizza. Pasta. Parmesan. Enough said, right? …

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Climate of modern-day Europe mimics the climate of 14th century Europe

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LEIPZIG, Germany — Is weather history repeating itself? The Arctic has experienced a steady increase in temperature since the 1980s, causing meteorological patterns that resemble 14th century Europe, research shows. Scientists from the Leibniz Institutes for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO) and Tropospheric Research (TROPOS) weather transitions in ancient Europe in the …

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Europe, not China, the main cause for COVID-19 global spread, study shows

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HUDDERSFIELD, United Kingdom — Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, China’s role in the origin and spread of the illness has been hotly debated. While a new study finds there’s no doubt the pandemic started in Asia, Europe may have been the actual “super spreader” months ago. An analysis of 27,000 virus genomes from across …

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