‘Overtopping’ warning: Monstrous waves will crash ashore more frequently due to climate change

matt paul catalano 0QEG xOoY7Y unsplash

MARSEILLE, France — The risk of coastal floods could rise 50-fold because of manmade climate change, according to recent research. Huge waves will hit structures or beaches with increasing frequency, say scientists, devastating communities. The weather phenomenon, known as “overtopping,” is one of scientists’ worst fears during extreme storms. In a high emission global warming …

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Ice is melting away from Earth’s coldest places at a record pace

climate cold glacier iceberg

LEEDS, United Kingdom — Ice may be a difficult commodity to find in coming years, according to an unsettling new study by researchers at the University of Leeds. Their findings conclude our planet continues to lose ice at faster and faster rates, with no signs of a slow down anytime soon. Between 1994 and 2017, …

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