Tired nation: Average American wakes up well-rested only 3 days a week

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NEW YORK — If you’re waking up feeling more exhausted than when you fell asleep, you’re not alone. According to new research, the average American wakes up feeling well-rested only three mornings out of the week. The survey of 2,000 U.S. adults reports that the average person doesn’t get anywhere near the quality or amount of sleep …

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This common asthma drug could prevent forgetfulness after night of poor sleep

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GRONINGEN, Netherlands — A common prescription drug for asthma and COPD may also have the ability to unlock information people have forgotten. In a study of mice, researchers from the University of Groningen found that both gene therapy and the drug roflumilast were able to improve memory in sleep-deprived animals. Neuroscientist Robbert Havekes and his team …

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Poor sleep can lead to an earlier death for older adults, doctors warn

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LONDON — Getting less than five hours of sleep at night raises an older person’s risk of premature death by a quarter, according to new research. The study finds middle-aged and older adults are 40 percent more likely to develop at least two life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes if they don’t …

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Bedtime breakthrough: Study finds 2 ways to help teens get more sleep

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CHICAGO — If you know a teen in need of more regular shut-eye, researchers from Rush University Medical Center have two suggestions: teach them strong time management skills and consider trying bright light therapy. Adolescents and teens need roughly eight to 10 hours of sleep daily for ideal well-being. Ironically, the adolescent mind develops in such …

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Losing just an hour of sleep makes you less likely to help others

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BERKELEY, Calif. — A bad night of sleep may actually affect how supportive and charitable you are, a new study reveals. Researchers from UC Berkeley have discovered that even an hour of sleep deprivation causes people to withdraw from helping others. The team even found that people are less likely to donate to charity after losing …

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