Deep sleep can protect older adults from Alzheimer’s-related memory loss


BERKELEY, Calif. — There isn’t much that a good night’s sleep can’t do. Now, a new study is reinforcing the importance of getting good quality sleep as we age. Researchers from the University of California-Berkeley find that deep sleep can protect older adults from Alzheimer’s-related memory loss. “With a certain level of brain pathology, you’re …

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Even a little airplane noise in your neighborhood can ruin your sleep

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BOSTON — Catching some decent shuteye aboard an airplane is notoriously difficult, but fascinating new findings report simply hearing aircraft noise up in the sky or at a nearby airport can lead to sleep issues as well. People who hear even moderate levels of aircraft noise were less likely to attain the minimum recommended amount of …

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Best Mattresses: Top 5 Brands Most Recommended By Sleep Experts

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As much as the majority of people would love to sleep better, it takes time, commitment, and the right conditions. While we don’t always have control over when we sleep, we do have a say in how we sleep, which is why shopping for the best mattresses to help aid sleep seems non-negotiable. There are plenty of benefits …

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Dogs with dementia deal with poor sleep — just like humans

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Dogs with dementia experience poor sleep, similar to humans, according to new research. Daytime napping is one of the earliest symptoms in Alzheimer’s patients, along with agitation or confusion around dusk and waking during the night. Now, scientists have discovered a comparable phenomenon in dogs. “Our study is the first to evaluate …

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Bedrooms should be ‘stark and bare’ to ensure good sleep, doctor says

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LONDON — Dr. Mike Dilkes, a renowned sleep expert and ear, nose, throat, and surgeon, suggests that creating a “stark and bare” bedroom environment can significantly improve sleep quality. The 59-year-old specialist, who treats snoring and sleep apnea, advises overhauling one’s “sleep hygiene” by using the bedroom exclusively for sleep and removing unnecessary distractions to enhance …

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