‘Fountain of youth’ pill on the horizon after scientists slow aging in yeast

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SAN DIEGO — A potential “fountain of youth” pill may be on the horizon after scientists successfully slowed aging in yeast cells. Researchers in California increased the longevity of the single-celled organisms by utilizing a biosynthetic “clock” to rewire the circuit controlling normal deterioration. This offers hope for preventing age-related human illnesses. “Our results establish a …

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Molds and yeasts in daycares may lead to chronic asthma, allergies

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Daycare centers for toddlers are notorious for spreading germs and perhaps the occasional cold. But the American Society for Microbiology reports a different pediatric threat lurking within most in-door daycare centers: mold and yeast. A new study finds these fungi are more common in indoor daycare centers than outside of them and may …

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